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VANHEST FOOD GROUP is specialized in developing, producing and distributing food items. Our company's mission is to bring the entire international food world together under one roof. We aim to inspire not only our suppliers, but also our customers and employees during the development of new products. Listening to our clients, is what we do the best. We stand for transparent cooperation. We make the impossible....possible!

In 2017 we combined 55 years of retail and production experience, which lead to the company VANHEST FOOD GROUP. Today it is one of the fast growing and most promising companies within the fast-moving consumer products market. It all started with one delicious natural and honest sesame bar, which got popular in an extraordinary short period. Since 2017, more than 20 million consumers tasted our bars. To serve our clients and employers, we built an independent warehouse where we can store over 3.000 pallets and we accommodate 750m2 of modern offices and showrooms. We operate from the South of the Netherlands, the most strategic place to serve our European customers and suppliers. This new building is operational since June 1st 2020. VHFG also owns independent warehouses in central Germany and in Eastern Europe.



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