Labels that assure the highest standards in FMCG

Rainforest Alliance

Products with this label meet the demanding standards the Rainforest Alliance imposes, from raw material to supply chain. This ensures you that our product does not harm rainforests, climate, economy and rural livelihoods in the vicinity of these ancient forests.


Fairtrade is a global movement that enables farmers and workers to have more control over their lives. With the Fairtrade trademark, you can rest easy, knowing our product complies with all fair trade guidelines for better working conditions in developing countries.


The organic label conveys that products are organically farmed, fed, produced, processed and transported. This means that the complete chain out products go through is without use of harmful chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Healthy plants, healthy cattle, healthy people.


Halal means ‘permittable’ in Arabic. Products with this label are allowed to be consumed by people adhering to Islamic dietary guidelines. For products to be able to carry the Halal label, the entire production process from raw material to supply chain is closely inspected and approved.



The vegan label ensures that these products are not derived from animals, down to every last ingredient and material. Vegan is becoming more and more important as a dietary option nowadays. That makes FMCG carrying this label a valuable asset to your assortment.

Lactose Free

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy, and a known allergen. Products carrying this label are certified free of any ingredients containing lactose. This lets lactose intolerant people know at a glance that this product is suitable for their dietary needs.


Products carrying this label are certified free of gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains. This assures people allergic to it with just one look that this product is safe for them to enjoy. Not only is the product made without gluten, is it also packed in a gluten free environment.

No added sugar

This label certifies that no sugars have been added to the product. A tell-tale sign for people that are all about conscious decisions when it comes to food and sugar intake. The only sugars present are those found naturally in the ingredients that make up this product.