Hydrate deliciously with every sip

Syrups, Enhancers & Squash

Make water taste better. Our Syrups, Enhancers & Squash are easy to store and mix into tasty drinks: carbonated or non-carbonated. That makes them the ideal fast moving consumer goods to quench thirst and satisfy sweet tooths, without added sugar if you so prefer. Choose from our many options or talk to us about customisation!

  • Convenient: available in to-go sizes and 1 litre bottles
  • Great variety: choose from many brands, flavours and recipes, including Soda Stream.
  • Sugar-free options: sugar-based or sugar-free available for all flavours
  • Kid’s favourite: our licensed bottles and fruity flavours guarantee happy faces

Your readily available options:

  • Strawberry (and cream)
  • Orange
  • Cherry
  • Cassis
  • Cola
  • Licensed Chupa Chups variations


The quick, liquid snack on the go that everybody loves: our fruity Smoothies. Sweet and tart, healthy and handy! Just pop open the screw cap on the pouch, squeeze and enjoy. And what’s more: no cool storage is required. Several shapes, sizes, purposes and flavours are available. Talk to us to discover your customised Smoothie.

  • Convenient: pouch bag with screw cap, squeeze before use
  • Perfect snack: easy to carry and enjoy everywhere you go
  • Easy storage: long shelf life, no refrigeration required
  • Tailor-made: many flavours and packaging options available

Your readily available options:

  • Yogurt & Banana
  • Yogurt & Strawberry
  • Energy Gel Banana Blueberry
  • Energy Gel Apple Mango
  • BIO Organic Blue Smoothie
  • BIO Organic Orange Smoothie

Plant-based drinks

Plant-based drinks are the global trend that’s here to stay. Give your guests and customers sustainable choices by offering Plant-Based Drinks in your industry. Great as a cold vegan refreshment, but also for hot drinks. Did you know that our Plant-Based Drinks create luscious foamy toppings on hot drinks? Bring out the barista in you!

  • Consciously packed: multiple sustainable (Tetra)packs available
  • Great variety: choose from many flavours and sources
  • Gourmet: perfect for professional baristas too
  • Healthy: vegan and lactose-free, organic and no added sugar- options available

Your readily available options:

  • Almond
  • Oat
  • Soy
  • Coconut
  • Rice
  • Kombucha


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