Tailor made sweeteners


The FMCG that needs no introduction. Every kind of Sugar we offer has a slightly different purpose and target audience, so your every sweet need is catered to. Choosing our Sugar is making a smart choice: all our sugar products are organic and available in multiple volumes. Private labelling is standard service for a great brand experience.

  • Convenient packaging: from individual sticks to bulk bags
  • Great variety: choose from multiple sweeteners
  • Conscious choice: organic sweeteners that just feel better
  • Private labelling: Private labelled sugar is great for hospitality, retail and wholesale

Your readily available options:

  • White sugar
  • Caster sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Artificial sweetener


Honey, the all-natural sweetener. Our Honey products are filled to the brim with energy, nutrients and sweet convenience. Liquid gold indeed! Choosing our Honey means making a conscious choice: all of our honey products are organic and sourced exclusively from certified beekeepers. Private labelling is standard service, naturally.

  • Convenient packaging: individual sticks, jars, bottles or tubs
  • Great variety: choose from multiple natural sources like acacia
  • Pure: all-natural, certified and organic
  • Private labelling: Private labelled honey is great for hospitality, retail, wholesale and food service

Your readily available options:

  • Acacia
  • Meadow flower
  • Multi flower honey


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