Easy, quick, convenient


A hot, savoury meal, easy to prepare and ready before you know it. Simply microwave our Ready-To-Eat meals, or pop them on the stove or oven – and enjoy. We offer tasty pasta- and rice dishes in a wide range of flavours, suitable to all tastes. Get in touch with us to discover all flavours and possibilities for customisation!

  • Convenient: packed per 250 g or per portion of 125 g
  • Easy storage: long shelf life, no refrigeration needed
  • Great variety: pasta- and rice dishes in many flavours
  • Customise volume: content volume per pack is customisable

Your readily available options:

  • Golden Vegetable Rice
  • Spaghetti Tomatoes and Basil
  • Fusilli Pesto
  • Penne Carbonara


The instant food everyone knows and loves. Instant Noodles are a quick, hot and savoury meal all around the world. We offer Noodles in many different seasonings, forms, volumes and packs. Enjoying noodles has never been more versatile! Talk to us to discover your customisation options for private labelling.

  • Convenient: easy to store and enjoy, from cup to block noodle
  • Mix to match: choose or mix multiple flavours in your order
  • Can’t go wrong: everyone knows and loves instant noodles
  • Customisable: many flavours, volumes and packaging options available: from singlepack to multipack

Your readily available options:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Shrimp
  • Vegetable

  • Hallal

Canned Fish

Canned Fish is ideal for easy intake of lean protein and Omega 3’s. Our Canned Fish is caught and processed sustainably: you can tell by the MSC- and ASC-labels on the tins, which are recyclable too. With so many kinds of Canned Fish to pick and mix, delicious seafood suddenly becomes affordable and convenient!

  • Convenient: easy to store, exceptionally long shelf life
  • Great variety: many fish species and seasonings available
  • Healthy: rich in lean protein, vitamins and healthy fatty acids
  • Tailor-made: let us create your very own flavoured canned fish

Your readily available options:

  • Tuna in oil
  • Sardines in oil or tomato sauce
  • Salmon in brine
  • Mackerel in oil or tomato sauce
  • Herring in tomato sauce
  • Tuna salad mixed with or without veggies
  • Salmon in an array of sauces


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